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Kinesiophobia: Fear of movement

Kinesiophobia not only limits our physical movement but impacts our personal relationships, and moving forward throughout our life. Learn fitness and wellness life hacks that will aid in your ability to overcome your fears; not only of failing but also the fear of succeeding and how to get out of your own way in achieving the life you desire.

layered images of woman moving to represent kinesiophobia fear of movement speaking topic
lady contemplating dessert vs salad to represent nutrition how it relates to your brain speaking topic

Nutrition and how it relates to your pain

We all know that healthy eating and nutrition are important for not only overall health and well-being, but it also has great benefits in managing chronic pain. Popular fad diets, anti-inflammatory foods, water, and how to fuel your brain for success will be presented.

Your Business. Your Body. Your Brain

Having a business takes a lot of time and stamina. It is defiantly a marathon, and in order to sustain a busy and productive schedule, we need to stay physically healthy and more importantly Cognitively healthy! If our brain is sluggish, the physical body will be sluggish and slow you down. Learn the impact nutrition, hydration, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and sleep have on your brain, simple ways in creating time and behaviors that will enhance your chances of a healthy brain, body, and business.

three people meditating sitting on grass to represent your business your body your brain speaking topic
lady stretching arm in outdoors to represent cerebral trip speaking topic

Cerebral Trip

Exercise: Making yourself smarter and more productive through physical activity.
It is common knowledge that the many positive effects exercise has on us physically. But did you know the impact exercise has on our brain? New evidence-based research on types of exercise and their impact on our brain, will have your head spinning in a fantastic new way. You can actually think yourself healthier.

Kinesiophobia and the Entrepreneur

How your fear of movement may be holding you back from your goals. Kinesiophobia is the fear of movement. This can not only limit your physical function but may be limiting your ability to move forward with your idea and dream. We don’t want to fail. The fear of the unknown, the bad, and the GOOD, many times, can be an underlining reason we do not act on our ideas. Learn techniques and strategies on how to identify our obstacles and ways to execute moving towards your success.

man in squat with arms out representing kinesiophobia and the entrepreneur speaking topic
doctor holding apple and weights to represent exercise for the medical provider speaking topic

Exercise for the Medical Provider

Taking care of others comes naturally and instinctually. Yet, many times forget how important it is to take care of ourselves. Simple and effective fitness and wellness hacks will be introduced so you can set a positive example for your patients as well as keeping yourself healthy and happy.

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