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Yoga Retreat


Chronic Pain Retreat

Yoga Retreat

Plows, not Pills:


Yoga Therapy Chronic pain retreat


Chronic pain can affect every aspect of your life, leaving you feeling like a passenger in your life instead of the driver controlling your destination. If western yoga practices, medication and medical procedures have failed, give yourself the gift of learning to manage and even preventing your chronic pain to live your life to its fullest.


Come experience a new and unique opportunity in beautiful southern Spain, where unlike traditional group yoga classes and retreats, you will experience yoga therapy sessions designed for individual emotional, mental and medical concerns. Using yoga asana, pranayama practices and philosophies, yoga therapy workshops will provide alternative ways to use these techniques on a daily basis to enhance the mind-body connection to manage your pain.


In addition, other daily workshops on evidence-based alternative holistic modalities like nutrition, massage, mindfulness/meditation, hiking, sleep hygiene and YoMo classes, will be offered along with ways in personalizing them into your life and their importance of their relationship to your pain.


This retreat offers something for everyone. Whether you seek solitude for self-study and reflection, relaxation by 5 inviting pools, opportunities to make new friends or seeking out adventures, this quiet rural nature reserve provides an environment that allows you to explore and deepen your understanding of creating health practices for sustainable self-care needs that will improve your well-being and quality of life.


Grab your driving gloves and get ready to enjoy a journey that will change your life.


*Airfare not included

Chronic Pain Relief Retreat

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