If you’re living with some type of chronic pain, at one point in your journey your doctor probably advised you to start doing yoga. And at one point you said, “WTF?” As in, “My doctor told me to do yoga. WTF? How is that going to help?”

Or maybe you’ve gone to a yoga class on your own because you read online that it would be good for your back. So, you went to a yoga studio and a typical class and you found yourself saying, “WTF? This is my first class. How the hell am I supposed to bend like that?”

Or you have gone to a yoga class, completed the class successfully only to get home and several hours or a day or two later, you’re in more pain than when you went to the class! WTF? I thought the class was supposed to help me, not hurt me?

Relief from chronic pain with yoga is possible. In this book, yoga therapist Samantha Parker explains how traditional poses can be modified, and gives readers keen insights into what is physically happening to the body while practicing yoga. She also dives deep into what is actually causing your chronic pain, so you can combat it at its true source!

Parker takes away the mystery and presents the practical side of yoga, so you can come away from a yoga session and implement what you did on your yoga mat that day for the rest of your day, week and possibly life.

Ronald L. White, MD

U.S. Army, Medical Corp Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Former Chief of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine Department Founder of the First Pain Intensive Outpatient Program within the Department of Defense

Yoga, is some serious sh!t, WTF! Samantha, takes Yoga by the horns, wrestles the complex and wins!  Her dynamic in your face approach to self-healing is not only refreshing but it's how it MUST be done!  Samantha succinctly utilizes her years patient care trench warfare to produce an in your face how to get your mental and physical life back!  As a triple boarded physician in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Addiction who has seen the failures of opioids and the inadequacy of Interventional Pain Medicine that I can wholeheartedly say Yoga for Chronic Pain is an arrow in my treatment quiver for all my chronic pain patients.

Dave T.

U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret. Retired

As a combat veteran and Special Force’s soldier, I want to say that working with Sam and her program of yoga for chronic pain has helped me tremendously. After being involved in numerous parachute jumps and the hard life of Special Forces training, from walking across mountain peaks with 75+ pounds of equipment in Afghanistan to swimming in frozen lakes in Eastern Europe my body took a lot of punishment. Sam and her yoga for chronic pain program put me back together. I had 2 neck surgeries on the C3-C4 with total disc replacement then total fusion and caging of my neck, as well as brain surgery. I should not be moving let alone back in the gym. And I owe it all to Sam’s yoga for chronic pain. No shit this works. I am a walking testament to this. And I don’t put my name on anything that doesn’t work. Buy the book, do the program and feel the difference in your life.

James C.

US Army CW4 (retired)

Samantha brings her no-nonsense style that she has in life to the sound advice she provides in this book. After spending over 20 years in the US Army Special Forces, she is exactly who I needed to guide me through my pain and injury management. Those of us who have spent our entire life as “A-type” personalities normally do not spend a lot of time around Yoga studios, which Sam has shown me is an attitude that must change. The benefits I gained from Yoga, and in particular, Samantha’s personal style of Yoga, has truly changed the way I look at life and dealing with chronic pain. As a former Green Beret medic and NR-EMT Paramedic, I can attest that Sam’s knowledge of healthcare, therapy, and mind & body connectivity is superb.

Major Don “DJ” Jones

USAF (Retired)

As a 26+ year, decorated combat veteran, who ran multiple marathons and half marathons, I was not able to stand more than 20 minutes due to chronic back pain from an injury in Iraq.  I was at the end of my rope when I was introduced to Sam’s Yoga program for chronic pain.  Within weeks of implementing this program, I was fully operational and returned to a status of 100% mission ready.  This program is saving the Department of Defense millions of dollars by returning highly trained warriors to return to duty.  I am so thankful for being introduced to Sam’s approach and program.


U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Using these techniques I’m mentally and physically better.  Before Sam’s chronic pain program, I had the, "I can’t" excuse ready and available. After going through her program, not only have I learned how to physically work through the pain, I’ve learned how to conquer the mental obstacles.

Nadia Murdock

Owner of Nadia Murdock, FIT!

Sam was interviewed by Nadia on her blog. Check it out here: