It’s All About Perspective

With Neoteric Movement Systems, Chronic Pain

is Not a Limiting Factor in Your Function!

Neoteric Movement Systems (NMS) empowers individuals struggling with opioid dependence, polytraumas, and other physical and emotional issues as a result of chronic pain to regain control of their lives instead of allowing their chronic pain to control them.

Created in response to a military need addressing chronic pain for combat soldiers suffering from Polytraumas, PTSD, TBIs, and other physical medial concerns, Neoteric Movement Systems (NMS) is a holistic, simple, scalable yoga-based movement system using “Yoga in Motion,” or YoMo to manage and decrease chronic pain. 


NMS works in any medical pain clinic facility, wellness center fitness studio, or gym-even in your living room.

Individuals who benefit most from Neoteric Movement System© (NMS) are eager to reduce and control their pain that is limiting their function and movement, so they get back to living — providing for their families and participating in their lives. From playing on the playground, going for family bike rides, family road trips or just improving their golf swing.

Neoteric Movement Systems℠ (NMS) does not require a lot of equipment, time or “fancy” facility. Instead, it can be used anytime, anywhere by almost anyone suffering from chronic pain.

Neoteric Movement Systems℠ (NMS) helps to bridge the medical community with the health, fitness and wellness communities. From desk jockeys, pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, and the obese to elite professional athletes, Special Ops, the Boston Ballet, the NMS movement program facilitates quicker recovery times, improves athletic longevity, and addresses injury prevention to improve the user’s overall quality of life.

Chronic pain and restrictive movement limit your ability to lead the life you deserve.

Join me and take the first step in regaining control of your life and unleashing your movement potential so you can finally discover all the fantastic possibilities waiting for you!